hw01 (Homework 01) has been released. The assignment is due on 01/30/2019 @ 6:00 PM

Students can find their repository with the homework assignment in it via:


where <GH_USERNAME> refers to your GitHub username.

Take for example a student with GitHub username of coatless, they would be able to access the repository with:


You may need to accept the invitation into the organization or into your private repository. For details, please see: http://stat385.stat.illinois.edu/faq/#technical-github-private

The invitation for the organization can be accessed via:


The invitation to your personal homework repository is given as:


where <GH_USERNAME> refers to your GitHub username.

Note: Students who have yet to register their GitHub user names with us do not have access to the assignment. We’ll roll out the assignment for students who sync their GitHub handle with us over the next week everyday at 6 PM.